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My name is Mitch Tinney and until my recent retirement I operated the longest running striped bass guide service in the state. I've published over 200 articles and shot more than a dozen films on the inland striped bass. There are only two other men that know stripers like I do. One is my father Stu Tinney, the other is Rod Salyers. Ive been asked more than fifty times to endorse guides over the decades and I've always refused. This is officially my only striped bass guide endorsement. If I book a trip for striped bass I hire Rod or I fish myself!!!!

Mitch Tinney

​​  Lateral Line Charters is owned and operated by Rod Salyers and       Philip Ilchuk. It is our goal to provide our clients with the very best in guided striped bass fishing. 

Although many of L.L.C's clients are experienced anglers who have chosen us to feed there they're addiction to big striper...the anglers in search of their first striped bass or novice anglers will find themselves equally pleased. 

The knowledge Captain Rod Salyers brings to the sport is that of a true "Waterman" developed over a lifetime of making his living on the water catching fish. First in his early teens working as a deck hand under some of the best offshore captains in Southern California, and then running boats on his own both Commercially and for Private Charter, working for the last 20 years as a full time guide. 

Over the years he has not only been noted for his achievement on the water but also for his creative design ability within the tackle industry. Fishing is more than a hobby, more than a job, it's a lifelong obsession and for quite some time now that obsession has been strictly focused on the pursuit of Striped bass.  His combination of knowledge and passion assures a clients day on the water will be the best it can be.

Captains Note:

The Sport of fishing is filled with lots of "self-proclaimed" experts and very few true icons. I've been lucky enough to not only meet many of them but to also work for and with several. Even more important is that I have some as my closest friends.  To those I want to say thanks. Much of what I do has been made possible because of what I've learned from them.

Rod Salyers

(Special thanks to Mitch and Stu Tinney)

Lateral Line Charters.